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I wanted to take a chance to talk a little bit about the two major websites I had a chance to take part in the design and development of during my previous employment with American Tactical Imports and AmChar Wholesale, Inc. Both very in depth and large projects, it was my responsibility to project manage the productions and ensure consistent branding and smooth navigation throughout.

The American Tactical Imports website was my last major website project. It began with my creative direction to take the company online presence from an outdated, marketing only website (limited information and contact) to a more modernized, fully interactive e-commerce website. I wanted the American Tactical online experience to be all inclusive with full presence in social media, an updatable news feed, and be a true consumer facing interactive experience.

I did the initial site design in Photoshop to be sliced down into sections and programmed into an HTML site. Working alongside some very highly skilled designers and developers at Vertasource I acted as the project manager and liaison between the developers and the management at American Tactical. At the close of the project we had met all of our goals by creating a complete e-commerce system to provide online sales of the 700+ active products at American Tactical Imports. You can view the finished site at American Tactical.

Working on the AmChar Wholesale website was a very different kind of experience, as it’s a very different website. AmChar is a wholesale distributor only, and so although aspects of the site are consumer facing, it is specifically designed to cater to authorized dealers only. Working together with the developer Core101, the AmChar website was a significantly long term project that took several years of development to produce.

The AmChar website boasts a product catalog of over 25,000 products, several different user level log ins, rotating featured product placements and flip-book style monthly flyers. You can view the finished website at AmChar Wholesale, Inc.

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